Encounter Geosystems by Charles E. Thomsen

Book Description
Encounter Geosystems gives you a well-organized way to visualize key topics, helping you find Google Earthâ„¢ locations
for assignments created. Here’s how it works: Each of 20 Explorations consists of a worksheet and a .KMZ file. The
worksheets, available in the workbook or as PDFs, guide you through activities and ask for feedback. The .KMZ files,
designed to be read by the Google Earthâ„¢ application, contains placemarks, overlays, and annotations referred to in the
worksheets. Worksheets are printed in a paperback supplement that also includes an access code to the Encounter
Geosystems website. The supplement is perforated for homework assignments. It’s the ideal companion to your introductory
geoscience course.

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