Make money with YouTube and CPA

I got a tip from a member on the DP forum how to make more money with YouTube. Since I can not join the Video on Adsense because I am not American I guess I have to use YouTube to something else.

Step 1

Register with a CPA (click Per Action) network like Copeac, Azoogle, Millnicmedia and sign up for a free phone offer that’s easy enough.

Step 2

Go to YouTube and search for any video with a nice phone in the video advertising or something for a phone. Try to avoid Nokia phone battery taking fire videos.

Step 3

Go to Download YouTube site like and download the video to your computer.

Step 4

Use any video converter and editor and add your affiliate link to the CPA network.
“Get your free phone at xxx”

You can also create a new SEO friendly URL on your domain “” or something similar and link to that address.

Step 5

Upload your video back on to YouTube and let the money role in
Step 6

Use the website for download YouTube Video and do the process all over again. You can also include the video in a blog to get more publicity.

If you don’t have your own domain I suggest you get one + the hosting from Servage for under $7 a month.

If you use my link + Coupon they give you 25 GB extra in space.

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