Old Fashion Email Marketing

The “old” emails might be taking over all social considerations soon. There is so much twitter, Facebook likes and other social media buzz that the real message is drowning. People can not absorb all the information that the internet is feeding us with. In the near future people will just shut off the social media and head back to networking face to face but the step before that is people go back to reading emails. But the problem you might face as a business is “where do I find these people” nobody use email anymore and the Facebook accounts just have LIKE ME. But you wrong, most people are still using email for business but the buzz in media is all about social media. However most business to business leads are still done old fashion style. So forget the Facebook for a while and go back and write some emails to companies and you see people are respond to emails.

One company that understood that Facebook is a face that will not reach serious business people is List Giant. They have sold target email lists to Fortune 500 companies among others. Successful companies and people still use email and they might use Facebook to push their company profile, but they still relay on emails. If you want a reach a special niche market this is the company for you.

With all due respect to Facebook’s target marketing ads when did you make a business deal on Facebook?

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