What the Plus! by Guy Kawasaki

Book Description What the Plus! enables you to comprehend and master the capabilities of Google’s social media network. Topics include: creating a profile, managing circles, sharing posts, commenting, responding to comments, and sharing photos.

Google The Missing Manual by Rael Dornfest

Book Description Google.com is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and is used around the world by millions of people every day. Sure, you know how to “Google it” when you’re searching for something–anything!–on the Web. It’s plenty fast and easy to use. But did you know how much more you could achieve with the world’s best …

Google Apps For Dummies by Ryan Teeter

Book Description Google Apps are Web-based, low-cost (or free!) office productivity tools that do everything those expensive applications do — and you can access them from any computer with an Internet connection. Google Apps For Dummies boosts your “app-titude” by giving you the low-down on choosing, setting up, and using these nifty and powerful gadgets for work or play.

Marketing in the Age of Google by Vanessa Fox

Book Description A business’s search strategy can have a dramatic impact on how consumers interact with that business. But even more importantly, search engine activity provides amazingly useful data about customer behavior, needs, and motivations. In this non-technical book for executives, business owners, and marketers, search engine strategy guru Vanessa Fox—who created Google’s portal for site owners, Google Webmaster Central—explains …

Search & Destroy by Ira Brodsky

Book Description This is the other side of the Google story. In Search & Destroy, Google expert Scott Cleland, shows that the world’s most powerful company is not who it pretends to be. Google pretends to be a harmless lamb, but chose a full-size model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex as its mascot. Beware the T-Rex in sheep’s clothing. Google has …

Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words by Perry Marshall

Book Description Google gets searched more than 250 million times every day—creating an unbelievable opportunity to get your business in front of thousands every minute…IF you know what you’re doing. Google AdWords experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd uncover the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks that Google should teach you, but doesn’t. Learn how to build an aggressive campaign from …

Como Ganar Dinero con Google by Sr Juan David Paez Morales

Book Description En este libro encontraras los pasos e indicaciones, para obtener ingresos por Google. Aprenderás a crear diferentes estrategias, campañas, métodos, búsqueda de mercado, para conseguir nuevos clientes. De esta manera ofrecerá sus productos o servicios por adwords, conseguirá dinero por medio de adsense y por otras herramientas, Te enseñamos a ubicarte en los primeros puestos de google, de …

How Google Tests Software by James A. Whittaker

Book Description Do you need to get it right, too? Then, learn from Google. Legendary testing expert James Whittaker, until recently a Google testing leader, and two top Google experts reveal exactly how Google tests software, offering brand-new best practices you can use even if you’re not quite Google’s size…yet!

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