What alternative to Adsense do i have to make money?

Many people have got kicked out by Google Adsense. Most of them say it was unfair and Adsense kicked them out with no reason. People have created Adsense Sucks sites and written long letters to Google and just got standard letters back. So if you got kicked out or you just want to make some side money what is the alternative to Adsense?

If you have a blog there is a few choices. I found this article how to make money online pretty useful.
They write about a company called Blogitive and they pay you for blog about different things like you would write about anyway. There is plenty to different subject to pick from and once you get approved you can log in and choose the once suits your web site the best. Normally you earn around 5$ per post and if you are good you can make more then $1000 a month just by doing this.

Blogitive will soon launch NewsNerve a service that will pay you just to have news on your site. Ghost Writing is another service and with that you not even need a blog just write in general.
So what are you waiting for sign up today and start making extra money

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